"Idea + Image = Icon. This seems to be the winning formula for Jeffrey Caldewey and Chuck House. Theirs clearly has been a dynamic, fruitful partnership, and I am happy to have this opportunity to celebrate their creativity, to which I owe much.We have a mutual desire to link the senses of sight, smell, touch and taste, to dissolve the bottle, to let contents and container seduce one another."

-Marchese Lodovico Antinori

"A great wine must not only be able to give a hedo-nistic pleasure, but also an intellectual pleasure. Jeffrey Caldewey and Chuck House with their creations have perfectly understood this concept... allowing us to dream and to live the memory that is behind each of these works of art: the beauty of the place, its history, its perfumes, its colors and, above all, the man that created that wine."

-Marchese Piero Antinori

"Wine is a uniting moment... It brings us together around the table, of course, but it also catalyzes all of the best things around us in life - from the dirt in the vineyards to the runways of high fashion and design, wine inspires all of our emotions and senses. We have been privileged to work together with Jeffrey Caldewey, an Icon of the California wine world himself, for more than twenty years now, and always return to him. His sensibility and sensitivity to wine's transcendent properties fuels our appreciation and our continued collaboration. Icon's storied reputation speaks for itself... Spending time with the volumes documenting their work is to re-live the birth of the modern wine culture in America, and the extraordinary influence that Jeffrey Caldewey and his equally famous partner, Chuck House have had in leading a revolution for wine packaging that has spread from California to the world."

-Jean-Charles Boisset

"When I founded Bounty Hunter Rare Wine & Provisions back in 1994, I knew that I had only one shot at making a great first impression. Enter Jeffery Caldewey, brand designer extraordinaire. Since then we have grown dramatically, and are still going strong. The Bounty Hunter brand image Jeffrey created is principally the same, with slight improvements over time. I thank Jeffery for helping me to remain steadfast, and not waiver from the original concept, look and feel. We now have seventeen wine brands, all designed by Jeffery and the ICON team. He has listened to my ideas with an open mind, made insightful recommendations and executed them brilliantly. I could go-on-on, but I want to keep my rates in tact."

-Mark Steven Pope aka The Bounty Hunter